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McLain Legal Services PC is an Oregon law firm dedicated to delivering quality representation in the areas of family law, criminal defense and child welfare cases. If you have a dispute in one of these areas, you are going through an uncomfortable process. These are real problems, and they are difficult to navigate without expert advice. That’s why you should call McLain Legal. You need reliable information to make good decisions for yourself and your family, and McLain Legal will help you make sense of it all.


DivorceChild CustodyParenting TimeChild Support – Spousal Support – Enforcement of Judgments

Also known as Domestic Relations, these cases are the heart of McLain Legal’s purpose. Your family is the central concern of your life, and you need an attorney who treats your case with the same level of care you would expect from your family doctor. This is what McLain Legal does for our clients.

Most domestic relations cases settle out of court, but that does not make them easy! Even if you and your former partner agree about everything, it is still important to memorialize your agreements in a way that prevents future hassles. When there are disagreements, as is so often the case, you need to know how the facts of your situation fit into Oregon’s laws.

When you don’t know how a judge will look at your situation, it is easy to get lost in fear and doubt. Family law cases are sometimes very tough—people who are in fear of losing time with their children, or access to their home, often say and do things that are frightening. Rather than reacting to fear and doubt, or doing something you might later regret, call McLain Legal for a low-cost consultation to get a lay of the land. Once you know how your situation fits into the legal landscape, you will be able to make decisions using information, rather than reacting out of fear.


Andrew McLain spent more than five years working for a public defense law firm in Washington County, where he routinely handled misdemeanor and felony cases. He has a certificate in criminal procedure from Lewis & Clark Law School, where he studied under the former Attorney General for Oregon. Mr. McLain has special interest in charges that often go hand-in-hand with Family Law and Child Welfare cases—domestic violence, driving under the influence, criminal mistreatment, stalking, etc. Whether you are the one accused of a crime, or you are trying to understand how a crime of which you were a victim will impact your family law case, a consultation with McLain Legal will help you get the information you need, to make your best plans.


Also known as Juvenile Dependency. In short, these cases involve the Department of Human Services, Child Welfare Division, and usually involve an accusation that one or both parents have abused or neglected a child. Child Welfare cases are very difficult, and require specific skills. McLain Legal provides top notch service for people involved in child welfare cases. Often, a child welfare case also involves the threat of criminal charges, and usually includes family law implications. McLain Legal can help you coordinate all three of these issues, to make sure that you are protected throughout this difficult chapter in your family’s life.


Call or email today to schedule a consultation with our attorneys. Consultations last for 60-90 minutes, and you will have an opportunity to share your story and your concerns in a confidential setting. You will learn a lot about the legal framework that governs your situation, get practical suggestions to help you avoid common pitfalls, and get the context you need to understand your issues. Our consultation fee is $100, payable at the time of your appointment, and you are under no obligation to retain McLain Legal at the end of your consultation.