Emotionally Intelligent & Trauma Informed

Emotionally Intelligent & Trauma Informed

We don't expect you to leave your feelings outside! If you have been through traumatic experiences in particular, we are sensitive to the difficulty of engaging with stressful topics.

Experienced and Successful

Experienced and Successful

With over 15 years of experience, McLain Legal Services has proven to have relentless Trial Attorneys with a proven record.

We Can Handle Crossover Cases That Involve Multiple Legal Issues

We Can Handle Crossover Cases That Involve Multiple Legal Issues

Never married? Moving child? Domestic violence? DHS involvement? Complex cases are our specialty!

Our Cases Take Us Across The State of Oregon

Our Cases Take Us Across The State of Oregon

As a small firm, we make time for our clients and we are ready and able to be hands-on.

Family Law Attorneys

McLain Legal is an Oregon law firm providing compassionate and creative advocacy throughout the state, for clients in family law and related cases.

The firm’s office is located in South Portland, on the way to the courthouses of Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties. Our attorneys have represented clients in 18 of the 27 Oregon judicial districts.

For most of our clients, disputes within their families pose the most difficult challenges they have faced—both in practical terms, and in the emotional toll these cases take on them and their families. These are real problems, and they are difficult to navigate without expert advice. McLain Legal will help you make sense of it all.

Family Law

Divorce – Child Custody – Parenting Time – Child Support – Spousal Support – Enforcement of Judgments
When we talk about “family law” we are talking primarily about divorces and child custody actions. These cases are the heart of McLain Legal’s purpose. Your family is the central concern of your life, and when it’s disrupted, you need an attorney who knows the law and who can apply it in a practical and persuasive way. This is our approach to resolving cases, either in negotiation or through a trial when negotiation fails.

Most domestic relations cases settle out of court, but that does not make them easy! Even if you and your former partner agree about everything, it is still important to memorialize your agreements in a way that prevents future hassles. Forethought can prevent future disagreements, or provide in advance, the tools you will need to resolve them. When you don’t know how a judge will look at your situation, it is easy to get lost in fear and doubt. Family law cases are sometimes very tough—people who are in fear of losing time with their children, or access to their home, often say and do things that are frightening. Rather than reacting to fear and doubt, or doing something you might later regret, call McLain Legal for a consultation to get a lay of the land. Once you know how your situation fits into the legal landscape, you will be able to make decisions using information, rather than reacting out of fear.

Under the umbrella of Family Law, Attorneys at our firm can help with just about any issue that may arise. Scroll down to read details about each type of family law we do. No matter your situation, having sound legal advice and a professional negotiator on your side can make all the difference, call today to schedule your 60-minute consultation.

Oregon Family Law Attorneys

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Use the form below or call today to schedule a consultation with our attorneys. Consultations last for 60 minutes, and you will have an opportunity to share your story and your concerns in a confidential setting. You will learn a lot about the legal framework that governs your situation, get practical suggestions to help you avoid common pitfalls, and get the context you need to understand your issues.

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Client Reviews & Testimonials

“Selecting Andy as my attorney was one of the best decisions I have made.”

Divorce was one of the biggest moments in my life. Choosing the correct attorney is such an important decision that will affect you for the rest of your life. He was with me the entire time during the different divorce stages, including post-divorce. Always very timely with replies to my emails, and he has a great staff working for him.

James J.
Google Review

“I was extremely grateful to have Andy and his family law team on my side...”

...while dealing with a very messy, unpleasant divorce. He had my back and I felt safer knowing that he was looking out for me. He explained the legal process and was attentive to all of my many questions. He got me excellent results and I was able to get a fresh start and a new life. He is confident, smart, strategic, and thoughtful in everything he does.

Erin H.
Google Review

“Very knowledgeable, helpful, and made us a priority...”

...when we needed legal representation. Andy made us feel very comfortable and he really understood what we were going through. He and his team did a wonderful job helping us navigate the sticky DHS territory. Andy really knows his stuff so if you have a need for representation, we highly recommend McLlain Legal!

Julie F.
Google Review

“Andy always had my best interests in mind.”

McLain Legal was referred to me by a friend. I hired them 8 months ago and they just settled my case. They are experts at their profession, taking the burden of a family lawsuit off of me allowing me to continue with the daily demands of being a mother, wife, & employee. I trust Andy McLain and his team and will hire them in the future as needed.

Laura H.
Facebook Review

“This guy is a Rock Star!!! One of the best attorneys in Portland.”

Mr. McLain has been a tremendous advocate for not only my concerns but those of my 8-year-old daughter. Andy got me full custody when it seemed an uphill battle at best. I feel more confident than ever because I have Andy McLain on my side. If you are in need of a powerhouse, straight to the point, no-BS attorney that will fight for you every step of the way, this is your guy.

AVVO Review

“A true Gem in the world of Family Law/Divorce matters.”

I don't know many attorneys that would put forth the effort and thoughtful consideration to my concerns and goals as Andy has, and continues to do, for me throughout this case. He is hands down the Very Best family law attorney that I have found within the State of Oregon. If you are considering hiring a Family Law attorney, I wouldn't even think of hiring anyone else but him.

Family Law Client, "C."
AVVO Review
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