High Conflict Divorce

When other attorneys refer cases to McLain Legal, it is usually because the level of conflict is uncomfortably high.  As an attorney, it can be hard not to get caught up in that conflict, especially when you believe the cause to be a righteous one!  However, a good attorney calms their clients, rather than spinning them up.  Managing and understanding conflict is a special skill that our attorneys and staff practice daily.

Example:  Safety of the Child.  When the other parent is a genuine threat to the child’s safety or well-being, it can be disastrous for a parent to withhold the child from the other parent without swiftly requesting court authority to do so.  McLain Legal can help you gather the evidence you need to persuade a judge to order protective measures.

Example:  Withholding the Child.  This tactic is seldom approved by a judge unless there is persuasive evidence that the child is in danger with the parent—and even then, the court should provide a roadmap to improve that parenting relationship.  We deal with false restraining orders.  We deal with parents who leave the state with their children, to punish the other parent.  We deal with mentally ill litigants who use their children for retribution.

Example:  Plundering the Bank Accounts.  We don’t really recommend, clearing out the family bank accounts at the point of separation.  It’s very likely to increase the conflict between the parties, and the court is unlikely to let you keep the money!  If the other party has cleared out your bank accounts, you will need help to fix that problem.

Example:  Narcissistic Partner Abuse.  Sometimes coupled with other forms of abuse like economic control or physical violence, narcissistic partner abuse is an insidious strategy to discredit the victim and aggrandize the perpetrator—whether by making the perpetrator appear grandiose, or switching the roles so that the perpetrator appears to be the victim.  Setting boundaries to prevent further exploitation of these tactics is a stock-in-trade for McLain Legal. 

Conflict should not be the goal—resolution of conflict, through carefully structured agreements, should be the goal.  McLain Legal can help.