“I recommend him highly!”

Andrew represented me in my divorce. He was very responsive and sensitive to my situation. I couldn’t have done it without him.

– Anonymous – AVVO Review

“Very Competent and Experienced Attorney.”

I was referred to Andrew McLain by another of his colleagues. I ended up with a very competent and experienced attorney. Andy and his team really worked well together to help me with my case, and with very reasonable rates. I appreciated his advice and ultimately he helped me get the result I had hoped for. Would definitely recommend McLain Legal to anyone needing their services.

– Joe M.- Google Review

“He Got Me Excellent Results.”

I was extremely grateful to have Andy and his family law team on my side while dealing with a very messy, unpleasant divorce. He had my back and I felt safer knowing that he was looking out for me. He explained the legal process and was attentive to all of my many questions. He got me excellent results and I was able to get a fresh start and a new life. He is confident, smart, strategic, and thoughtful in everything he does. I will always recommend Andy McLain to my friends and family if they need a family law attorney.

– Erin H.- Google Review

“Kind, Yet Impeccably Real Legal Advice.”

Mr. McLain was incredibly helpful to me in understanding my options and was instrumental in negotiating a fair and acceptable outcome for me in my negotiation. Great hands to be in! His understanding of how things work in the world leads him to be very kind and honest about what’s best for his clients. Knowing one’s options is important to making decisions and taking control of one’s life. I feel my career is on a better path because of his negotiation help.

– Anonymous – AVVO Review

“One of the Best Attorneys in Portland.”

Andy provided amazing representation during a 20-month divorce proceeding. The case involved many different stages of needing Andy not only represented me but helped build strategies for the next stages and worse case situations that actually happened. We worked very well as a team and he was very open to thoughts I had about the case. Those conversations helped greatly because I needed to know my opinions and research mattered.

Andy was very prepared in court and he has many strengths but prepping and being in court may be his strongest. I felt he accurately represented the case in a very logical, no-drama matter. He was very familiar with the family/divorce court system. We worked very hard to ensure we had everything we needed to be highly prepared for our court hearing. Even though my case was unusually long, it was not due to his efforts to find a solution so we could avoid court and stretching the case. He was very focused on doing what is right especially if there are children involved. Please realize it is a two-way relationship so I highly recommend listening to your lawyer and providing them with the information they’ll need to help you. Divorce was one of the biggest moments in my life.

Choosing the correct attorney is such an important decision that will affect you for the rest of your life. Selecting Andy as my attorney was one of the best decisions I have made. He was with me the entire time during the different divorce stages including post-divorce. Always very timely with replies to my emails, and he has a great staff working for him. His paralegals were extremely helpful and made it simple to provide the many documents you’ll need to provide during this process. I highly recommend Andy. It was a great feeling, in a very negative situation, to be highly prepared for the court system and the opposing attorney. I will always recommend him to anyone needing one of the best attorneys in Portland.

– James J.- Google Review

“Capable and Personable.”

Andy handled my divorce and is now representing me in a custody dispute. His council is wise and his advice sound. I would recommend him without reservation.

– DavEd – AVVO Review

“Andy Really Knows His Stuff.”

Very knowledgeable, and helpful, and made us a priority when we needed legal representation. We basically asked to be put at the top of the priority list and we were. Andy made us feel very comfortable and he really understood what we were going through. He and his team did a wonderful job helping us navigate the sticky DHS territory. Andy really knows his stuff so if you have a need for representation we highly recommend McClain Legal!

– Julie F.-M.- Google Review

“Wonderful Experience.”

So personable, understanding, and supportive through such a hard time in our life. [It’s] been a wonderful experience working with them.

– Stephanie H.- Google Review

“Five Stars – Everytime!”

– Leonard H.- Google Review

“Trust Andrew McLain.”

Andrew represented me in a domestic issue. This was the type of case that required careful attention to the details and then the strategy to show the court what was really happening. Andy and his team did an excellent job of reviewing the evidence and prepping for a hearing. He was even putting in time on the weekend to ensure my case got the attention it deserved. In the end, we reached a settlement with the other party. I was able to get an excellent result and save some money by avoiding an expensive hearing. Andy was exactly the kind of advocate I had hoped for. A professional, patient, and skillful negotiator.

– Joe – AVVO Review

“Truly a Superstar.”

The Very Best Family Law Attorney in the Portland, Or area. Truly a Superstar.

– Charles G. – Google Review

“A True Gem in the World of Family Law/Divorce Matters.”

So Andy was referred to me by another great local attorney, Matthew McHenry of Levine & McHenry…and I am so glad he was. My divorce case was by any stretch of the imagination, ugly, contested, and included a child custody battle. Andy and his team at McLain Legal Services put me at ease on day one. His staff/associates are all very highly skilled and I feel one of his best attributes. Several of his assistants are actually attorneys themselves in other states or right here in Oregon too, but you wouldn’t know that unless you looked into it or asked.

The knowledge and service his team provides not only saved me money on countless occasions, but it truly kept my stress level low at a time in my life when stress was a serious concern. Andy always kept me informed along the way. I didn’t find the need to ask many questions or have the feeling that I didn’t know what was going on or what to expect. If I ever did have questions or concerns, Andy was always just a call away and he even returned my calls late at night, over the weekend… and once while he was on a family vacation. I don’t know many attorneys that would put forth the effort and thoughtful consideration to my concerns and goals as Andy has and continues to do for me throughout this case.

He is hands down the Very Best family law attorney that I have found within the State of Oregon. If you are considering hiring a Family Law attorney, I wouldn’t even think of hiring anyone else but him. Portland’s best-kept secret…a true gem in the world of Family Law/Divorce matters!!

– C. – AVVO Review

“Great Attorney & Team, Happy With the Results.”

I was hit with my custody suit while out of town for work and didn’t see it coming from 100 miles away. I reached out to friends and McLain Legal was referred to me. They came to my rescue and made room in their schedule to see me the following day I returned home. We had a very extensive 1st meeting. I brought all my documents, photos, thoughts on paper, everything I could think of to this meeting. He went through my concerns, listened to me, walked me through a number of scenarios, was very knowledgeable of the law, he shared several similar experiences with me, and was upfront about it going either way.

Andy offered his services to take my case and from this, I knew we were on the same page. I hired McLain Legal the following week.

After my initial appointment, Andy’s inside support team took over which was very efficient. I had little contact with Andy over the next 6 months. When they needed something they asked for it. I was patiently waiting for the next direction. I knew McLain Legal had it handled for me.

8 months later my case was settled outside of court. Was it my dream settlement? No. Was it close? Yes. I now know lawsuits are a give and take and that’s what Andy taught me. I learned so much while being in McLain’s Legal care.

My family is doing great, yes it cost money to get here, but the experts took the burden of a family lawsuit off of me, allowing me to continue with the daily demands of being a mother, wife, & employee. I trust Andy McLain and his team and will hire them in the future as needed. Andy always had my best interests in mind.

This was a great life experience and I now have a friend in family law!!!

– Laura – AVVO Review

“Has Been a Tremendous Advocate.”

I’ve recently had the unfortunate experience of needing to hire McLain Legal a second time, despite having my divorce finalized within the past year. Mr. McLain has been a tremendous advocate for not only my concerns but those of my 8-year-old daughter. Andy got me full custody when it seemed an uphill battle at best. While we haven’t finished the current case just yet, the trial is only days away and I feel more confident than ever because I have Andy McLain on my side. I wouldn’t want any other attorney sitting with me at that table and Andy is the last guy I would ever want to see sitting across at the other table. If you are in need of a powerhouse, straight to the point, no BS attorney that will fight for you every step of the way, this is your guy.

– Charles – AVVO Review

“Passionate/Trustworthy/Honest (Angel at Heart).”

We have had Andy as our attorney since our oldest was about 6 till a year ago, now 12. We are grateful to Andy for his transparency and wisdom. He is honest about the system and looks out for the best interest of your child and you, his client. Our case was challenging because of the other party and their abuse, but I must say Andy was firm when he needed to be and fought the good fight for our son and his safety. I highly recommend him to represent you. I was looking up his info today to give to a friend and felt compelled to write this review. I can’t give him enough accolades for what he has done for our son and our family. He also helped my husband so much and the fact that he really knew us, I am eternally grateful! I also cannot tell you how much we love and appreciate Jamela, who works with Andy. Both Andy and Jamela, we adore!

– Anonymous – AVVO Review