Domestic Violence

Domestic violence devastates families. Maladaptive responses to domestic violence have a part to play in the devastation. Whether you are a victim of domestic violence or a person accused of domestic violence, there are two key choices to make. First, make sure you are personally safe and that violence is de-escalated. Second, make sure that you have competent and compassionate legal advice.

Andy’s early training in criminal defense involved domestic violence on a routine basis. Like drunk driving, it is a dangerous crime that is committed with depressing frequency. Like drunk driving, there is a way to enter a diversion program to reduce the damage to your life and to your family. If you are accused of domestic violence, every statement is crucial. Seek the advice of an attorney who can help you keep things from getting out of control with the police, with the prosecution, and with your future interactions with your family. Don’t count on knowing the right way to proceed on your own, and don’t make the mistake of thinking that the problem is going to fix itself or go away.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, this is a very difficult transition. Criminal prosecution of a partner,  or a co-parent of your child, is a significant hindrance to the family system, even if it is necessary. You may feel tempted to change your story, to handle things in your own way. You need to talk to a lawyer who can help you make the best decisions for your own safety and the safety of your children. You also need to have help being mindful of the future. You need to know the “big picture,” so you need to talk to an experienced attorney. Even if you are not sure you are ready to file a divorce, seek a restraining order, or make another bold, life-changing move, you need to know all your options.

McLain Legal often works with clients who are survivors of domestic violence, but also works with those who have been accused of domestic violence including restraining order cases, child welfare investigations, and divorce and custody disputes.  Abuse of one parent by the other is a factor in determining child custody, and it can sometimes be the basis of a denial of parenting time.

Whatever your situation looks like, our team at McLain Legal Services is ready to help you find a solution. A Consultation will help you to understand your options, call today to schedule yours.