Child Welfare/DHS/Juvenile Dependency

These cases involve the Department of Human Services, Child Welfare Division, and usually involve an accusation that one or both parents have abused or neglected a child. If you find yourself in a situation where you are being contacted by a Child Protective Services worker, it is similar in character to being contacted by a police officer about a suspicion of criminal activity—anything you say can be used against you.

Child Welfare cases are very difficult and require specialized knowledge and skills. The ordinary rules of court do not apply, and there are times when the direct approach is exactly the wrong way to address a DHS Investigation.

Andy worked in the juvenile courts of Washington County from 2007 to 2012, and has continued to represent litigants in juvenile cases since starting McLain Legal Services. Caitlin learned juvenile law by working on cases with Andy, but has since handled a few court-appointed cases and several pre- and post-jurisdiction cases, in Washington and Multnomah Counties. We represent parents, grandparents, and foster parents.

Sometimes, a child welfare case also involves the threat of criminal charges, and often, includes family law implications. McLain Legal can help you coordinate all three of these issues, to make sure that you are protected throughout this difficult chapter in your family’s life. There are advantages to be gained, by knowing the nuances of all three areas of law.

When your case has aspects of Child Welfare, you need an experienced Attorney who will fight for you. We frequently receive referrals from other Law Firms when a child custody matter crosses with a child welfare investigation because we have the skills and experience that make the difference. Caseworkers, like police officers, are trained to find violations, so “talking yourself out of trouble” is a dangerous strategy without experienced counsel. When someone with the power to remove your child wants to talk to you, it’s serious business – don’t wing it! Get a consultation.