Criminal Defense

Andrew McLain spent more than five years working for a public defense law firm in Washington County, where he routinely handled misdemeanor and felony cases. He has a certificate in criminal procedure from Lewis & Clark Law School, where he studied under the former Attorney General for Oregon.  He has been a member of the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association since his third year in law school, and he keeps abreast of developments in Oregon criminal law through the OCDLA publications, newsletters, and conferences.

Mr. McLain has a special interest in charges that often go hand-in-hand with Family Law and Child Welfare cases.  Often he seeks to avoid prosecution for clients, or negotiates favorable plea deals.  In recent years he kept a client from spending even a night in jail, in a plea agreement to a serious theft charge with decades of prison as a potential consequence.  He has prevented clients from being prosecuted by providing key evidence demonstrating their innocence.

Andy works frequently with top-notch defense attorneys, to provide assistance with collateral cases in family law or child welfare, where evidence can be found to demonstrate that a witness is not truthful, or that the whole story is not being told.  He is frequently consulted on child sex abuse cases for just these reasons.

Family law, criminal law, and child welfare sometimes provide mutual benefit when there are allegations of Domestic Violence, Criminal Mistreatment (child abuse), Stalking, Harassment, or sex abuse of adults or minors.

Conversely, when a crime has been committed that impacts your children or your family, it is so valuable to get the advice of a lawyer who will tell you how criminal procedure works and what you can expect.  Domestic violence charges, for example, are often resolved through diversion or plea agreements where the assailant gets training to overcome the causes of violence.  The courts believe in rehabilitation.  However, if you are the victim of domestic violence you may want to build in safeguards to your divorce or parenting time plan so that you can feel safe from recurring violence.

Not every Family Law Attorney is familiar with the nuances that a Criminal case will affect in a divorce or custody battle, but Andy’s background and his connections with the community of criminal defenders put him in a position to handle such sensitive cases. Whether you are the one accused of a crime, or you are trying to understand how a crime of which you were a victim will impact your family law case, a consultation with McLain Legal Services will help you get the information you need, to make your best plans. Call today or use the form below to schedule your consultation.