Child Support

Oregon has mandatory rules, the Oregon Child Support Guidelines, that govern child support. They change every few years, in the fine details, but most aspects remained essentially the same. One of the reasons why our attorneys prefer parenting plans that accurately describe the parties’ child-rearing arrangements, is because a major factor in the calculation of child support is the average number of overnights that the child spends with each parent under the court-ordered plan.

You can play around with the CS guideline calculator here:

Calculating your income, discovering details about the other parent’s income, and getting credit for the child-related expenses the child support calculator recognizes are some of the trickier aspects of child support. We know the details of these rules and how they interact with each other. We help our clients gather the documents and fill out the forms necessary to start or change child support. This can be done through the child support administration or through the courts. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Sometimes the issue is collecting child Support! We can help you with wage withholding orders, contempt of court, or finding other means of legal persuasion to resume Child support payments. Sometimes in less extreme situations, it’s just nice to have a professional negotiator on your side.